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Pellet boiler Black Star Comfort 30

-15% puidugraanuli-pelletikatel-nbe-pelletipõleti-opop-black-star-comfort.png
Power 2-30 kW
Efficiency up to 92%
Smooth power changing
3673,50 €
3122,48 €

Black Star Comfort series is perfect for those who are looking for maximum comfort. These boilers are equipped with wall cleaning system which means that the boiler is almost maintenance free. The cleaning system will clean all the walls on the back of the boiler and the ash will fall into the ash tray. In a same time the cleaning system itself is working as an economiser which helps to improve efficiency. There is also possibility to install an additional compressor cleaning kit, which will clean burner head from ash so briefly there is nothing else to do but to add fuel into the hopper and empty the ash tray. We still remind you, that once a month it is necessary to check back side of the boiler and if needed then remove cleaning unit to make sure there is no ash on the walls or the unit itself. This boiler doesn't take much room as it comes with the KOMPAKT pellet hopper and will fit perfect for example to the garage corner. You just have to make sure there is a close chimney connection.

Black Star Comfort 30 is perfect for buildings up to 320 square meterss.

Remember that there is no need for accumulation tank for pellet boiler systems!

Why Black Star Comfort?

  • 7 inch color LCD panel!
  • Comes with a back wall cleaning kit!
  • Small measures!
  • Output power between 2-30 kW (smooth power changing)
  • High efficiency up to 93,4%
  • Fully automated operation
  • Possibility to control and regulate everything over the internet or with your smartphone!
  • Clean burning process
  • Burner can be installed either on a right or left side.
  • Automated ignition
  • Stainless burner construction
  • Wide range of pellet containers
  • Possibility to have auger up to 3 meters
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Boiler is not too big!

Standard package includes:

  • Pellet boiler Black Star Comfort 30
  • Control panel version 7 (with color LCD screen)
  • NBE burner 30 kW (read more)
  • Compact pellet container

Black star boiler leaflet