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NBE pellet burners are microprocessor-controlled intelligent wood pellet burners manufactured in Denmark. The burner can be fitted to almost all solid fuel boilers or boilers specially designed for this purpose. NBE burners are made of high quality stainless steel and are characterized by reliability and durability. Kõik põletid on varustatud juhtpaneelidega, mis on vaieldamatult turu kõige targemad juhtpaneelid.

The NBE burner has been tested in accordance with EN303-5 and EN15270 standards, and the burner has been awarded the highest possible AAA rating for the environment and energy!

NBE burners are ideal replacements for gas and oil burners. The variety of pellet burners (10-200kW) allows you to easily and comfortably heat both smaller private houses and larger industrial buildings. For those who are considering installing a system boiler + a storage zone, NBE pellet boilers do not need a storage tank! It is also much easier to install pellet heating, maintenance and less time consuming. In short, pellets do not need a accumulation tank because the pellet burner is a fully automatic robot that controls the power in real-time according to the amount of heat consumed. This means that, for example, in Spring or Autumn, when the outside is not quite cold, the burner runs at a much lower power (10% -100%). This is an economical way of heating, which, in addition to saving the pellet, also extends the life of the ignition element (the burner does not start-stop all the time). Because NBE's pellet burner is so clever, it can also manage the work of a hot water boiler. Similarly, the hot water is produced according to consumption. This is also done in the summer, which brings about significant electricity cost savings per year.

Why choose NBE?

  • Our pellet burner comes with version 7 - supporting 2 heating circuits, or if needed 7-inch color touch-sensitive control panel that gives the user a different experience!

  • The NBE burner automation system can handle everything in the boiler house! The control panel is capable of regulating the work of heating circuits (both radiator and floor heating), hot water boiler, solar panels, 3-way valves, pumps, compressor cleaning, pneumatic transport, chimney fan, cordless room thermostat, heat meter reader, lambda sensor and many other essential accessories.

  • In addition, NBE's burner is able to show the amount of spent pellet. From the control panel it is possible to see through the special sensor how many pellets are still in the container. It is also possible to see the temperatures of the outdoor air, room, hot water boiler, radicals and returning water, boiler and burner.

  • By thinking about comfort, each control panel has an internet interface, which provides an opportunity to monitor and control the entire boiler house's work over the Internet, both on a computer, a tablet and a smartphone. Look this link and peel which boilers are already connected to the network!

  • The NBE pellet burner draws out in detail graphs on which you can see everything happening in the boiler house in real time, while you can see the whole history of the heating season.

Do not waste fuel and time every evening cleaning the boiler, not to mention choping trees, wrapping, drying, etc. Perhaps you are going to fill the hopper with a pellet once a week and empty the ash from boiler. In the case of boiler equipped with an automatic heat exchanger cleaning mechanism and a compressor cleaning system, boiler and a burner are maintenance-free.