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How to buy from our online store?

To buy from ostakatel.EE you can register or enter information on checkout.

Information is essential for making an invoice and transportation. We treat the data provided to us as confidential and do not forward them to third parties except for the delivery of goods or in other cases provided for by law.

Purchasing in itself is very simple and consists of four steps:
1. Filling a Shopping Cart
2. Order completion
3. Purchase payment
4.Receiving (delivering) goods

Filling a Shopping Cart

Select the appropriate products and add them to the cart by clicking the Add to Cart button. Adding a product cart does not oblige you to buy selected products. Continue filling up the shopping cart until you have added everything you need. To view the products in the cart (or to remove from the shopping cart), select the Shopping Cart from the top right, then show cart.

Order completion

To complete the order, select the appropriate delivery method and click on the Check Out Now button. Then you must enter contact information. Be sure to give valid phone number and e-mail address. We will contact you before the package is delivered.

To get detailed delivery information and options to You, please contact us

  1. Call +372 52 67 072 või saada e-mail informatatsioonfo@osta@ostakatel.cz aee..deee We are open on weekdays from 9.00 to 17.00

Once you have chose delivery make sure all items, quantities, addresses and phone number are correct. If necessary, you can add details to your order. Click the Confirm Order button to confirm the order. After confirmation, automatically will be sent a confirmation email. If the email did not reach you, check your spam / junk folder. After that we will send you an e-mail with the invoice.


NB! If you are hesitant about the suitability or worth of your purchase or if you do not have enough information about the product, please contact us by e-mail for more information. informatatsioonfo@osta@ostakatel.cz aee..deee or by phone +372 52 67 072.


We follow the requirements of Estonian laws and product passports.

Ostakatel.EE is not responsible:

  1. By your fault, degradation / damage to the product
  2. Defects caused by improper use of the product
  3. Natural physical wear for the product when used normally