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Privacy policy

1. With using the webpage ostakatel.ee, the buyer gives clear and fully aware agreement to ostakatel.EE OÜ to process one's personal data.

2. ostakatel.ee may use the information collected (name, phone number, address, e-mail address, banking details) only for processing the order and sending the goods to the client.

3. Webshop forwards the required personal data to transport company (only) in order to deliver the goods.

4. Webshop can send e-mails with news and offers to clients e-mail address only if the client has expressed a wish to receive direct e-mails by subscribing.

5. Client can unsubscribe from direct e-mails at any time by notifying the Webshop (ostakatel.EE OÜ) or by following the instructions for unsubscribing in the sent e-mail.