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Our exact address is
Tehnika 10/1, Viiratsi
Viljandi Vald, Viljandimaa
70101, ESTONIA

When approaching Viljandi by Tartu, take the roundabout directly to Mustla / Valga / Võru. After about 400 meters (at the top of the hill), turn left onto Viiratsi settlement. Take the alleys to the end and turn from the first street to the right. About 100 meters and to left!

When arriving from Valga road, the town of Viiratsi will beto the right hand before entering roundabout to the city. Drive into the Viiratsi and turn from the first street to the right.

From the other side, they must take direction from Viljandi towards Tartu. On the roundabout at the boundary of the city, take the direction to Mustla / Valga / Võru, as mentioned above.

Siin on kaart meie täpse asukohaga. Google maps link