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Pellet boiler BioPel Mini Tower CA 15 kw

Biopel MINI 10-15 TOWER CA 3
Biopel MINI 10-15 TOWER CA perspektiva zleva
Biopel MINI 10-15 TOWER CA zboku
Biopel MINI 10-15 TOWER CA zep²edu
Biopel MINI 10-15 TOWER CA zezadu
Power output 15kW
Perfect for up to 200m2
ECO series A+ (efficiency: 93,7%)

Pellet boiler Biopel MINI Tower series is meant for the tiniest corners, as the boiler overall width is just 35,2cm. Small dimensions give everyone the opportunity to install boiler even in the smallest rooms.
4554,26 €
4098,83 €

Pellet boiler BioPel MINI Tower is the most carefree boiler on the market. Tower series represent super small solution, as the 15kw boiler width is just 35,2cm. It is perfect for the tiniest corners while still giving you the wanted comfort. Fully automated cleaning system allows you to have long periods between overall maintenance. Small dimensions gives you the opportunity to install boiler even in the smallest boiler rooms. Easy access to the burner and the boiler exchanger ensures simple and fast boiler maintenance. The equipment's eco-friendly nature is due to very low emissions (given the A+ emission class 5). A wide range of accessories can increase the operation and control automation of entire heating system in your house.

Remotely monitoring your heating with your mobile phone, gives you an overview of the temperatures in the house and the condition of heating system regardless of where you are. Be noted that internet module is already integrated into every BioPel MINI Tower boiler!

This BioPel MINI Tower series provides high comfort in pellet heating and allows very simple control of the control unit. The control unit is equipped with a touch screen, allowing to set and change all parameters easily. For example solar collector unit, heating control based on the outdoor temperatures, room thermostats, 2 different heating circuits (i.e underfloor and radiators), lambda sensor, external larger pellet container work etc.


Set includes:

* Pellet boiler
* Pellet burner 15kw
* Automated bottom ash removal system
* Compressor cleaning for heat exchanger and burner head
* Touch screen control panel V9
* Touch screen room thermostat RT-10
* Tower version pellet hopper 40kg

Technical data for BioPel MINI Tower 15:

Nominal output kW 15
Minimal output kW 4,7
Fuel (wood pellet) mm 6-8
Fuel consumption kg/h 1,01-3,36
Emission class   5 / Ekodesign
Efficiency % 93,7
Water volume L 32
Required chimney draught Pa 7,5
Maximum pressure Bar 2
Maximum heated temperature C 80
Minimum return temperature C 55
Weight kg 160
B Height mm 1088
H Width mm 352
J Depth mm 1043
E Fume duct location mm 281
G Total depth with automatic ash removal mm 1162
F Total depth with hydraulic set mm 1212
O Outlet water funnel from the ground  mm 822
L Fume duct position from the ground mm 739
N Inlet water funnel location from the ground mm 156
M Release valve position from the ground mm 145
P Inlet water funnel location from the fume duct mm 106
Q Outlet water funnel location from the fume duct mm 106
R Flue pipe diameter mm 130
X Boiler width with handrail mm 406
Connecting outlets DN G1 1/4"
Z1 Depth with TOWER 40 hopper mm 1010
Z1 Depth with TOWER 60 hopper mm 1110