Multi fuel boiler H4 EKO 10kW

-31% universaalne-pealtlaetav-teraskatel-opop-h4-eko-2
Pellet 10kW
Coal 16 kW
Wood 12 kW
Pellet 13 kW
Efficiency up to 92%
Wood pellet 6-8 mm
Water capacity - 32 l
Flue pipe diameter - 130 mm
2700,00 €
1850,00 €

Multi fuel boiler H4 EKO:

  • There is no accumulation tank required when heating with wood pellets.
  • Burner is fully automatic
  • High efficiency
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • For building up to 150 m2


  • Boiler
  • Heating controller
  • Fully automatic pellet burner
  • Pellet Burner Console - for easy removal and refitting of the burner
  • Auger 2 m

 Suitable pellet hopper can be found HERE


  • Height - 1010 mm
  • Depth - 820 mm
  • Width - 480 mm
  • Weight - 245 kg

Optional equipment:

  • Flue gas temperature sensor
      Indicates the temperature of the outgoing flue gas. Required for evaluation/regulation of the burn in the boiler.
  • O2 controller with lambda probe
      Adjusts the amount of air required for combustion according to information from flue gases. Ensures clean and economical burning.
  • Electric 3-Way valve
      Closes or opens the heating circuit for hot water. Required when using a dual system boiler.
  • Compressor cleaning system
      Burner head compressed air cleaning kit. Specially required when the wood pellet quality issues.
  • Solar KIT
      Accessories for pellet burner control panel and solar panel operation.
  • Central heating mixing unit with drive
      To control the temperature of the water entering the heating system, it is controlled by the boiler automatics.
  • Heat measuring kit
      Measures the amount of water passing through the heating system and calculates the energy consumption of the current building.
  • Wireless thermostat
      Stop or trigger the burner depending on the temperature of the room.
  • Hopper pellet level sensor
      Shows the granule level in the container.
  • Pneumatic transport of wood pellet (up to 10 m)
      Automatically transports the tree pellet from a storage location to the boiler.