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Cast iron boiler OPOP UNI

1260,00 €

Boiler output range is 30,5-44 kW. It's used for heating up ...

1360,00 €

Boiler output range is 33,8-53 kW. It is used for heating ...

Cast iron boiler OPOP UNI

The UNI cast iron boiler has all the good qualities that will always be taken into consideration when choosing a boiler.

For example:
a) A long smoke passage, the heat does not escape" directly into the chimney! (saving fuel)
b) combustion chamber volume is 20% higher than many others! (holds more fuel, burns longer)
c) Works decent even in case of poor draft!
d) the opening of the cleaning door is large, ideal for the installation of a pellet burner or stoker! (universality)
e) Tree support. When the fire is in the boiler, the trees remain above the cold ash grate. Firing is easier, hot charcoal layer forms quickly.

 Cast iron boiler UNI features:

  • Universal, suitable for heating wood, coal, briquettes, fuel oil, wood pellets, so called "all that burns".
  • Boiler combustion chamber is 20% larger than similar boilers. For example, VIADRUS U-22 / U-26, etc.
  • Large fuel filler hole. Boilers can be filled up by 26 cm in diameter firewood. The thicker the tree, the longer it burns and the more heat it gives.

  • The boiler flaps are closed between the ribs. The hot combustion gases route is long. The combustion gases move along the bottom of the shaft to the rear of the shaft. Through the two openings in the ceiling behind the boiler, the hot combustion gases are rising to the flues, which go back to the boiler. From there, through the middle flue, the combustion gases are again directed to the boiler and through the adapter chamber. It is safe to say that the combustion gas route in boiler is "two boilers" long. The vents are sufficiently spaced and therefore easy to clean and do not break the boiler cleaning brush.

  • In front of the slats, there is a moveable cast iron screen that does not reduce the loading area and does not interfere with the loading of the fuel. When opening the door, the smoke is not spilled to boiler room, smoke is directed from the window on the screen. However, the screen protects the charging from direct contact with the flame, keeping the loading door cool and reducing the heat of the boiler room. The screen is easily removable for cleaning flaps.

  • The loading door is internally lined with heat-resistant insulation and coated with a stainless, high-temperature coating. Inside the cover, the compensating holes are cut to cover the expansion of the cover. The insulation covered with such a coating lasts a long time. An arc-shaped cast-iron plate is attached to the loading door, which, if the door is shut, closes the straight-line passage of the combustion gases to the chimney, directing the combustion gases to the flange gaps in the rear of the boiler.
  • At the lower part of the door, there is a wide opening of the secondary air. Aperture is equipped with a damper for regulating secondary air. Secondary air is evenly distributed throughout the boiler width to ensure more combustion gas combustion.

  • Boiler grate is even and is water cooled, prolonging grate lifespan
  • The cleaning opening is large. Ideal for wood pellet burner installation.
  • Spacious ash area.
  • The boiler thermostat and thermometer are protected by a visor above the load handler so that any exiting hot flue gases are not damageing equipment.
  • The boiler can be equipped with a cooling unit for overheating. The cooling unit can be bought as an addition to the boiler.
UNI meets the requirements of the euro in terms of content and form!