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Pellet boiler Black Star Comfort

Fully automatic pellet boiler Black Star Comfort

Black Star Comfort fully automatic pellet boiler equipped with an NBE burner (Denmark). The boiler is built with vertical smoke passes, under which is a large ash pool that holds several weeks burning residue. The vertical design of the smoke passes prevents the volatile ash from being deposited in the smoke chutes and heat exchanger stays cleaner. Additionally, moving turbulators are installed in the smoke chutes. By moving them, the smoke passes are automatically cleaned and the temperature of the flue gas leaving the boiler is within 80 ° C. The boiler efficiency is 93..95% depending on the power.

NBE burner is an automatic wood pellet burner that does not need to be monitored. The burner can be installed both to the left and right sides of the boiler. The burner is equipped with protection automation that ensures the safety of the burner. With the optional pneumatic pellet burner cleaning system, the burner is maintenance-free.

The operation of the pellet burner and the boiler is controlled by a controller that ensures optimal operation of the boiler. The controller adjusts the fuel supply depending on the heat demand (according to the power consumption used). This kind of operation of the burner ensures very economical wood pellet use and does not require a heating system to be equipped accumulation tank. Minimum and maximum power limits can be set by 1 kW. The power range is automatically adjusted from 10 to 100%. The controller has multiple language (estonian included) menu and it's easy to set up.

Additional features are provided to the controller, which allow monitoring and adjustment of the whole boiler house according to the heat consumption of the building. The block controls the burner, pumps, mixing units, water boiler, and others. optional accessories, no other automation equipment required. You can control and monitor from the block display and by mobile phone or computer. The information provided by the system is necessary for analysis and adjustment of the boiler house operations. The internet management module is included.

Automatic cleaning of internal smoke flues, heating circuit control, compressor compatible, lambda sensor readiness etc.

The presence of a accumulation tank in such a heating system is not necessary.

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