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Top load boiler H4EKO

1920,00 €

Top loading boiler H420eko is designed and made for private ...

2160,00 €

Top loading boiler H425 EKO is designed and made for ...


The top load boiler H4 EKO is designed for central heating systems, private homes with a water column not exceeding 20 m. In addition to wood, coal, briquettes it is possible to install a pellet burner on the boiler.

H4 EKO is ideal for solid fuel boilers
  • Energy efficiency class 4 (EN 303-5) is assigned to the boiler.
  • Boiler efficiency is up to 81.6% for firewood
  • The boiler is insulated both from the top, from the sides and from the bottom, in addition the doors are sealed and protected by a special fire barrier plate - which in turn prevents heat leakage
  • Due to the good insulation, the air passing insulation is preheated, which in turn ensures even more economical and cleaner combustion.
  • Secondary air regulation on front of the boiler and on both sides!
  • The boiler is equipped with a cooling coil to prevent overheating, -this will enable you to use the boiler without the accumulation tank!
  • The bottom of the boiler is mounted on a sliding grate that makes cleaning the boiler from ash easier.
  • The boiler has large heat exchanger, long burning time with wood (up to 5 hours) .
  • The boiler is easy to maintain and use.