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The aim of the heating mixing unit is to ensure the correct temperature of the heating water needed for heating the premises at any given time, depending on the temperature of the ambient air and room, as well as the prescribed program.


The blending unit in the following further, the circulator consists of a circulation pump, a regulating 3-t valve, a setting valve, thermometers, and a building's thermal automation unit. The work of the mixing unit is controlled by the building's automatics (eg AUTOMIX 20, AUTOMIX 30, etc.) which, according to the ambient air temperature and (or) indoor air temperature, controls the position of the control valve (3-way valve). As the temperature drops, the 3-way valve opens for more hot water to the system, which increases the temperature of the circulating water in the building's heating circuit (radiator, floor heating, etc.), thus ensuring the heat needed in the building. As the outside and the building's internal air temperature rises, the 3-way valve closes hot water and opens for more returning cold water, which causes the temperature in the building's heating circuit to drop. This prevents the building from overheating, ensuring a warm, sustainable use.

The following figure shows the operation of the central heating circuit.


The entire operation of the system is monitored through thermometers installed on the pipelines, boiler and accumulation tank.

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